CC Outtake: Two Blue Prii Hauling As Much Lumber As One Pickup

I was out at Jerry’s recently, loading up my old truck with a bunch of lumber to rebuild a fence at one of my rentals. I’d noticed two identical blue Prii buzzing around the lumber yard in tandem, and then caught a glimpse of them with both their rear hatches open, being loaded with lots of cedar fence boards.

After I went in to pay, and then got in line to have my load checked at the gate, the two of them were in front of me, and their loads of lumber were quite visible. But here’s a crop to make that more obvious.

You can sort of see a big stack of fence boards in each one. With their front passenger seats folded down, these Prii swallowed a pretty healthy load, about as much as I had loaded in my pickup.

So the only question is what is the relationship between these two blue Prii. Spouses with the same car? Friends? Neighbors?