CC Outtake: Two Disparate Cars

I couldn’t pass up this colorful pairing, especially since they’re so…different. They espouse two schools of thought that are about as far apart philosophically as possible, and still have four wheels. This generation of VW Passat, (B3/B4), was as Teutonic and practical as possible; it was dubbed the “Raumwunder”  (Space Wonder) for its exceptional space utilization, in part because it used a transverse engine instead of the longitudinal one of its predecessor and successor.

The Mustang II? Let’s just say that space utilization was not exactly high on its brief.

This generation of Passat has become quite rare, and rather quickly. Gen 2 Passats, called Quantum in the US, are long gone hereabouts, but there are a few gen1 Passats left in the hands of loyal owners. Which of course applies to the Mustang II; it clearly has a cult following. Whether that’s out of genuine appreciation of its qualities or irony is debatable, but given the part of town I shot this, I can almost guarantee the latter.