CC Outtake: Two-Faced Camaro

You can thank the Mini Coopers for these photos.

As I mentioned in the ’41 Loewy Continental post, my brother and I went to the Chicago Auto Show last week. We were just about to leave, but I wanted to check out the Mini Coopers and snag a brochure. After that mission was accomplished, we crossed the hall and I spotted this 1968 Camaro.

It was sitting in front of the State Farm booth. They must have created it for marketing purposes, though I’ve never seen it in an ad or commercial. I’m neither for nor against State Farm, but this was a pretty interesting custom. The driver’s side is stock with rallye wheels, hidden headlight (yes, headlight, not headlights) and the passenger side is custom, with low profile tires, custom wheels, side-mounted exhaust and half a spoiler. Even the air cleaner was stock on one side and custom on the other.

I was especially impressed that the convertible top and interior were split down the middle, just like the rest of the car. This would be a great car to take for a drive and watch all the double takes!