Devil’s Bend Postcard: Photoshopping In The Pre-Digital Age (Updated)

The obscure pictures one stumbles into…but this one caught my eye, because although that road may well have been crazy steep (1 in 3, steepest part), there’s no way that this coach could have made it up there at that angle. Well, unless it had a JATO rocket in the back. But the confirmation to my doubt was provided by a comment left at that particular flickr site: The coach is actually an attempt at vintage photoshopping, take a look at it with a magnifier and you will see where the image has been cut out of another photo, the blade mark at the front rhs is quite well defined, the other give-away is that the image of the coach used is actually a mirror image with the sliding passenger door appearing on the wrong side for a British coach ! : )

Update: it’s not just the coach; it’s the whole angle of the shot. I straightened it, and it looks quite a bit different indeed. Now where’s the jackalope?