CC Outtake: Two VW Rabbits; Two Old Subaru Wagons


The Friendly Market is just down the street a few blocks, the place to go when needing to fill up the kombucha jug or a grab a killer sandwich. In the heart of the Friendly Street neighborhood, the car spotting is also often good, but even I was pleasantly surprised to catch two of the these Mk I Golfs/Rabbits there at the same time. I’m familiar with both of them, and have probably shown them before, but it’s nice to see them still in action, and together. And there’s a bonus in this shot: two old Subaru wagons, the perfect complement to the Rabbits.


The red wagon in front is a first gen Legacy, and the other red one behind the Forester is a Loyale/GL, the generation just prior to it. And there’s a black Volvo V40 wagon, a bit of an oddball too. Just another fall day in the Friendly ‘hood.