CC Outtake: Volvo 245 Wagon Circle Track Racer – The Official Race Car Of Eugene

CC 262 018 1200

Since I have crowned the Volvo 240 series as the Official CC of Eugene, it’s only fitting that I encounter a racing car version of it. What could be more perfect than to take an old Volvo wagon, strip it down, and take it racing on a dirt track on a warm summer night? But it has to be kept stock, in terms of the drive train and such. Red block for the win!

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I’m assuming he races it down at the Cottage Grove Speedway, the closest dirt track since the Eugene Speedway closed down almost twenty years ago.

The first couple of years we were here it was still open, and on summer nights one could hear the bark of unmuffled V8s in sprint cars and such from our house. I should have ridden my bike over.

CC 262 021 1200

Although the drive train for this class has to be stock, the interior is gutted, and there’s a fuel cell in the back, as well as a sturdy roll cage.

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The driver’s seat is very utilitarian, lacking even a hint of padding, and designed to keep the driver in his seat, no matter what.

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The only other car that could compete with the Volvo for the title of Official Race Car of Eugene would be a Mercedes W123 diesel, burning the used veggie oil from the concession stand deep fryer.