CC Outtake: VW Rabbit GTI Mk1, Four Square Headlight Version

Now here’s a rare find; a four square headlight version of a Mk1 GTI. And they appear to be LEDs; wow; VW really was ahead of the times in more way than one with their GTI.

Ok; they’re obviously cheap aftermarket LEDs that someone has seen fit to replace the originals; why, I don’t know. And given their random aiming, I’m not sure how effective they are. GGR….

There’s still a few of these around here, but the numbers are obviously in decline. Fortunately, there’s still more non-GTI Mk1s on the street to round out their glass-boxy presence, which is becoming more and more of a contrast to the typical vehicular fare of the teens.

Eric703 did a detailed CC of the MK1 GTI here, so I’m not venture deep into the subject here. But I do have a very happy memory of getting to take a brand new first-year one out for a very brisk spin up in the hills of Los Angeles, including Mulholland Drive, thanks to Stephanie’s sister’s high school boyfriend, who was the beneficiary of a brand new one as a high school graduation present. It’s probably a very good thing he didn’t come along for the ride. Anyway, he was more interested in Nicky than the GTI; it was mostly wasted on him, as he was a mediocre driver who could barely master the stick shift. But it was a relatively hot ticket for high schoolers in West LA that year.