CC Outtake: Wall-To-Wall Pickups – But There’s a Good Explanation

The Lane County Events center, also known as the fairgrounds, is just about six blocks from our house, and we cut across its overflow parking lot regularly on our daily walk. As I approached one day in February, I was greeted with wall-to-wall pickups. Whoa!


That included this nice vintage Ford crew cab, a pioneer of all the 4WD crew cabs to be seen as far as the eye could see. Ok, and Escalade slipped in.


There’s probbaly one or two cars buried in these rows somewhere. So what gives?

It was the 80th annual Oregon Logger’s Conference, the largest of its kind, and a regular annual visitor to the neighborhood. All the latest logging equipment, which slowly gets bigger every year, is on display.


Logging has of course become highly mechanized, and the equipment becomes more and more productive.


There were even a few genuine logs here.



Was there a chainsaw competition? Are chainswas even used in logging anymore?

No log-rolling competitions though. Yes, logging has changed a lot since this film was made.