CC Outtake: Eugene Mommy-Mobiles

I noticed that one of my tenants, a couple with a three-year old, was having a little mommies-and-kids party in their back yard. When I pulled out into the street, there were several cars parked across the street belonging to their guests. This three-some makes for a nice…Eugene three-some. Couldn’t be more so, and the lack of the inevitable Subaru is refreshing.

There’s still a fairly very healthy contingent of these gen1 Prii in town. The seem to wear just as well as a Corolla. The gen1 Honda Odyssey was a very popular car with younger families here, for obvious reasons. The numbers are dwindling though. And the Prius V became the hot family hauler in more recent years. Some folks are going to be sad to not be able to get a new one anymore.

I don’t have a picture, but the actual tenants have a Suzuki SX4. But they’re in the middle of replacing it with…a Subaru Outback. Just like the other tenants’ Outback that I dinged last week or so.