CC Outtake: ZX2Lambo

I need to run this today, because of the Lambo doors as well as the fact that Escort ZX2s have become quite scarce. I shot this one a couple of years back. have you seen one lately?

Sold between 1998 and 2003, it was initially called “Escort ZX2”, although the “Escort” was dropped for the last couple of years. its role was to replace the Probe, which frankly was a better looking car in my opinion. Like the rest of the Escort family, the ZX2 was of course a Mazda 323/Protoge under the skin. Under the hood, a 130 hp version of Ford’s Zetec 2.o L DOHC four motivated the ZX2.

This one has been the receiving end of its owner’s affection and money, but was for sale at the time. I’m guessing it’s gone the way of so many others of its kind, and its Lambo doors are now steel in some new building or such.