CC Outtakes: Jeep Fleetvan and VW T1 Transporter – Two Very Different Vans from the Early 1960s

How’s this for a pairing of two very different compact vans from the early 1960s? The VW isn’t exactly a shocker in these parts, but a curbside Jeep Fleetvan? That’s a bit more out of the ordinary.

I’m not going to do a full CC on the Fleetvan, as we did one from the same location not that long ago. The other one was on a trailer; it eventually left and then this one showed up. The guy that lives here has eclectic taste. He also owns the 1974 Toyota Mark II we profiled here, an early ’50s GMC pickup, this T1 bus, and there’s been a Datsun 410 wagon in the driveway too.

Unlike the previous Fleetvan, this is the extended body version (FJ-3A), which was sold not to the USPS, but to private buyers as a compact delivery van. It sits on a CJ-3 chassis.

On another day, the T1 was replaced by a T3 Vanagon. Just to keep things interesting.