CC Outtakes: There’s A Car Hoarder In My Neighborhood


CC 269 003 1200

Being tall has its advantages, such as being able to see over six foot fences. When we walked down a street in my neighborhood that we usually avoid, I couldn’t help but notice the tops of some cars. So I went and took a closer look: it’s a mini junk yard in this back yard! And all of the Big Three are represented , and rather proportionately at that.

CC 269 007 1200

Then I remembered that the Firebird and one of the white Cadillacs were on jack stands in the driveway for years. I guess they finally graduated into the holding tank. So we kept on walking to see what was there now. A Taurus, and also on jack stands. Do any of their cars ever run? Or maybe the runner was out running an errand?

CC 269 009 1200

I couldn’t quite make out hat was all the way in the front of the pack, so I peeked over the front fence to get a looksie. Aha; a ’66 Falcon. Wonder when the Taurus will be relegated to the yard?