Cohort Outtake: 1972 Dodge Dart Custom – Will It Be the Last Vintage Daily Driver?

shot and posted at the Cohort by Constantine Hannaher

I don’t really know if this Dart sedan is a daily driver, but it sure could be. It’s the most likely car that old to be seen in dd use, and for plenty of good reasons. I won’t be surprised to see a Dart being driven for transportation 20 years from now. There’s still one or two like that in Eugene. And one could see that happening already 40 years ago.

I recommended Darts and Valiants to anyone back in the late 70s – early 80s that was looking for relatively reliable cheap wheels. I helped one single mom co-worker/friend buy a white sedan, which became know as the Kelvinator, and lasted for quite a few years of grueling Los Angeles driving.

I also passed along a couple of extra Peugeot 404s to co-workers that I accumulated along the way, mostly with good success too. But if something did break with them, they would come back to me to fix it. Or they’d sell it back to me and I’d resell it to someone else. A gold-brown ’68 404, known as “Goldie”, passed through several hands that way.

I’ve managed to deviate from this Dart, but I could just have easily gotten into the Dart resale business too. Probably even fewer return visits.