Cohort Outtake: 1980-83 Lincoln Continental Mark VI – Dark Green Makes Everything Better

Photos courtesy of Canadian Cat Green

The slow-selling Lincoln Continental Mark VI has already been discussed at length here, here and here, coming under fire for its ungainly proportions. Quite simply, Lincoln tried to use as many design cues as possible from its stately, decadently outsized Mark V on a much smaller platform. The end result was a car that, to many, looked too tall, narrow and with overhangs much too long. But color choice has a habit of either enhancing a car’s attractiveness or further exposing its flaws. In my opinion, this Mark VI – in what appears to be Dark Pine Metallic –  looks very appealing indeed.

What a gorgeous color. It’s sad that dark green isn’t a more popular color, as rich shades like this are stunning. Sure, this color might have been even more appealing on a Big Gulp Mark V but if you were ordering a Mark VI from a Lincoln showroom, was there a more flattering color you could have chosen? I don’t think so.