CC’s Best of 2017: Two Wheeler Classics: 2017 Autotron Oldtimer Show Motorcycles, Mopeds And Bicycles

(Originally posted on 1/16/17) This event, held on January 14 and 15, was the first classic two wheeler show I ever visited. And I enjoyed it very much, it was an eyeopener. I learned  about moped and motorcycle brands I had never heard of before, some of them even came from my own country.

My knowledge about motorized two wheelers is (very) superficial. But I know there are plenty of Curbside Classic bike adepts, so please chime in and share your stories, pictures and information in your comment(s).

The marvellous moped above is a Batavus G50 Whippet with an ILO engine, a model introduced in 1962. Now let’s continue the ride…

1974 Triumph T120RV Bonneville.

1984 Hercules XE 5.

1977 Kreidler Florett RM.

1985 Peimo 80. Klaus Peisker from the DDR (the former state of East Germany) built two of these 80 cc racers.

A 50 cc Garelli Gran Turismo.

1971 Kreidler Florett K53.

A 1958 49 cc moped by Moto Parilla from Milan.

1963 Gerosa Sprint.

Zündapp from Germany, in its days the Mercedes-Benz among the light motorcycles and mopeds.

1963 Sparta Sport Speciaal (ILO engine).

1964 Magneet Sport 27 De Luxe (Sachs engine).

1978 Puch Maxi S.

Royal Nord was a Belgian manufacturer of mopeds and motorcycles.

This 50 cc Kreidler racer can do 210 km/h (131 mph).

1957 Kreidler Florett Eiertank (Egg tank).

1961 Royal Nord Super Vedette.

The famous and venerable front wheel drive Solex.

Moto Guzzi Hispania Dingo 49 cc.

1961 Express Carino with a Victoria engine.

1964 BM Jaguarino. BM was founded by the Italian motorcycle racer Mario Bonvicini.

An NSU Quickly.

Another splendid Royal Nord moped.

125 cc Moto Guzzi Stornello.

1980 Ducati 500 Sport.

1984 Ducati 600 SL Pantah.

1982 Benelli 900 Sei.

1971 Laverda 750 S.

1958 Moto Morini 175 Tresette.

From 1955 to 1957 Sparta built this Twin model with a 250 cc ILO engine.

1939 Sparta with a 122 cc Villiers engine.

1978 50 cc Sparta NGK racer.

1955 Sparta with a Steib sidecar and a 250 cc Victoria engine.

Sparta Sport 3V with a 50 cc Sachs engine, this model was built from 1969 to 1981.

1963 Sparta GG50 Sport Speciaal, engine by ILO.

From the fifties, a Sparta damesfiets, a bicycle for ladies. This kind of bicycle, and it must be black, is still very popular and is generally known as an Omafiets. That’s a Granny Bike, yet most riders are young girls. A simple and durable all-weather bicycle.

1992 Alan Record Cross with a Campagnolo Chorus 9 speed and Shamal wheels.

Some more classic racing bicycles; Jowan (Belgium), Gazelle (the Netherlands), Alan and Colnago (both from Italy).

RAP Stokvis Crown.

Peugeot 103.

Ducati 900 Super Sport.

1971 Kreidler Van Veen 50 cc racer. Maximum power output 21.2 hp @ 18,000 rpm.

Malaguti 50 cc Sport.

DKW did not only build two-stroke cars and light commercial vehicles.

1955 Zündapp KS601, 597 cc.

1936 Zündapp DK200, 198 cc.

1982 Zündapp KS 80 Super.

1938 Zündapp K500, 498 cc.

1929 Zündapp Z200, 198 cc.

1921 Levis, 211 cc.

1970 Kreidler Florett K53.

1944 BSA M20, 496 cc.

1961 Chiorda Sport.

1939 Eysink (Villiers engine).

1914 Indian Big Twin.

The most brutal bike of the show, in my opinion, this Norton F1 from the early nineties with a 588 cc rotary engine.

And we end the show with this Matchless motorcycle from London, UK.