Cohort Outtake: Fiat 600 Multipla – Found In Berkeley, Natch

Fiat 600 multipla fq

(first posted 8/28/2016)    What a great shot: the Ur-minivan Fiat 600 Multipla along with America’s Ur-minivan, the Dodge Caravan. And where is a ratty but running 600 Multipla to be found curbside? In Berkeley, of course. Nicky D. shot it there on July 30th. The last time I saw a 600 Multipla curbside was in San Francisco; it might even have been the same one. But then SF and Berkely appreciated the Multipla for the oddity it was long before just about anyone else.

Fiat 600 multipla ff

I did a full CC on a fully-restored Multipla here a few years back. But I had always rather hoped to find a ratty one on the curb like this. Like just about anything else, these vintage Fiats now bring big bucks and are very much worth restoring. Joe Potter, who restored the one I shot in my CC, specializes in rear engine Fiats.

Fiat 600 multipla int

The spare, which sits under the dash in front of the passenger’s legs, is missing here.

Fiat 600 multipla br

These were sold in the US, and in two versions no less; a three-row 6 seater, and a two-row 4-5 seater.

Fiat 600 multipla rs

This one is obviously the three-row version, with the middle row seats removed. Makes for great leg room, or place to store junk.

fiat 600 multipla_draw_55-60

Just the ticket for the multi-generational household, and their luggage.

Fiat 600 multipla side

I had a serious crush on these in my younger days; I so could have seen myself behind the wheel, with no seats in the back and a bed instead. Minimalist camper-mobile; one to make a VW bus look extravagant.  I’d still be glad to have one now, as a vintage predecessor to my xB.

Fiat 600 multipla rr

Of course, one would have to have a healthy 903cc engine back there, with dual exhaust pipes. Just like this one.


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