Crash Weekend Outtake: One Driver Dead. One Driver Injured. Guess Which Truck They Were Driving

I’m not big on crash posts, but when I went to our local paper’s web site today, I couldn’t help but notice this picture along with the story of a fatal crash on Hwy 58 nearby. Obviously the International is what first caught my attention. And when I saw where its cab upper structure ended up, I assumed the worst for its driver.

The cab has obviously been cut off by emergency responders to free the driver, a 67 year-old man heading along Hwy 58 near Dexter, and area where there a number of roads that cross it. The driver of the Ranger, an 18 year-old male, pulled out from one of those roads directly in front of the International’s path. That turned out to be a deadly mistake, as he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The International driver was airlifted to the hospital with “serious injuries”.

Lest anyone jump to any conclusions about the International’s heftiness being the cause of his survival, getting T-boned at highway speeds is one of the more likely types of deadly crashes. Sure, if it had been a very light Geo metro running into the Ranger, it’s possible that might have made the difference. But there’s no question that if the International had been a new/recent pickup, the driver might quite likely have walked away instead of being flown to the hospital. Or at least suffered drastically less injury.

Yes, it’s the kind of scenario that plays in my head all too often when I step into my ’66 F-100 which lacks any safety equipment whatsoever and has a non-collapsible steering column. I only drive it when I need to, and I drive very defensively. And hope for the best.

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