Crashside Outtake: The First Honda Clarity in Town Goes Down

On the daily walk yesterday afternoon I came across the aftermath of a bit of a crash. Nobody seemed to be hurt, but this was the first Honda Clarity I’ve seen in town. And the other victim was a Previa, which I take to be the car that ran a stop sign and ended up getting hit on the side by the Clarity.  Given that there’s three versions of the Clarity, Fuel cell, Plug-in hybrid, and pure EV, I had to crop the picture to figure out which it is.


It’s the EV, since it lacks the fuel door on the rear fender. Also, the FC version has a different badge on the front fender. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fuel cell vehicle in Eugene. A Google search suggests  there are three Mobil  and three BP stations that sell hydrogen, but that turns out to be false. The nearest one is in California, either in Truckee or Sacramento. Well, I guess FC vehicles tend to stay pretty close to home.

And this EV Clarity isn’t exactly suitable for long trips either, what with its EPA range of 89 miles. That makes it strictly a compliance-mobile, and certainly not a viable competitor to more capable EVs like the Bolt’ 238 mile range or the Tesla Model 3’s 310 mile range.