Curbside Camper: Holiday Rambler Imperial – Relive The ’80s, At The Curb If Not On The Road

This Holiday Rambler Motor Home is oozing with 1980’s style, with lots of stripes and trim, back before those abstract swoops took over. This is a big guy for the times; its big block Chevy V8 will gladly slurp gas at about 4-6 miles per gallon. But that’s not a problem for the owner of this fine time capsule: it hasn’t moved from this location in months. It’s found its curbside home here.

No, I didn’t get any interior shots. All the windows were covered, and there was stuff piled up against the front passenger window. It’s become the storage closet.

Here’s a better look at the trim and stripes that run around this Rambler of a different sorts.

Its Rambling days are over, at least for now.