CC Outtake: 1954 Cadillac Bakkie – Craftsmanship in Blue

I am very fortunate to live near a street with consistently excellent Curbsiding. This classy ’54 Cad, for example.

I’m not conversantly familiar with Cadillacs, but I suspected this was a ’54 on account of the taillights—the gasoline filler is hidden by the left one—which I remembered from Coupe de Ville, a 1990 movie with Daniel Stern (no, the other one).

Those’re called Dagmar bumpers after Dagmar, a television personality of the era known for low-cut gowns and conical bra cups. Tee hee, et cetera.

Whoever built this did a magnificent job with the lines, angles, and proportions…

…and the fit and finish. I don’t know what this backglass might be from, but it surely looks like it belongs here.

Through-bumper tailpipes have been retained—nice touch, though I don’t reckon it’s very good for the very-nearby chrome.

The magic seems to work from any and every viewing angle.

The tailfins and fintop taillights are made even more perfect by the resected upper body; their airplane influence is clearer than ever.

Highly stuffed upholstery. Looks comfy.

It says what it means. It means what it says. This is a Cadillac.