Curbside Classic: 1958 Plymouth Fury–Parked in 1961; Only 15,000 Miles!

This is incredible!  Found this on the Forward Look Forum of  Thought I’d share it with the CC audience just in case the photos should suddenly disappear from the ‘Net.  It’s like the car from the movie Christine–but will it stay original or become another Christine clone?

There’s more information at the link above, and more may be added in the future, but the general gist is the current owner bought it from the man who bought it new.  The original owner drag raced the Fury, but he also had a “family car”. He then just parked the fast Plymouth for all these years.  Current location is Lordstown, Ohio.

Interior seems remarkably intact!

There it is–15,194 point 8 miles.  Note 150 MPH speedometer.

Amazing door panels!  All 1958 Furys were Buckskin Beige with matching interior.

From the brochure:  “The Third Limited Edition Fury by Plymouth–‘for the man who really loves cars.’  An automobile of extraordinary beauty and performance, this fabulous new Fury surpasses even its distinguished predecessors.”

This is the brand new B-block engine, the 350 cubic inch version rated at 305 hp.  Intake has been yanked.

If God cares about old cars, I’m praying that this rare original doesn’t get turned into another Christine.  Or maybe you think perhaps it should?

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