Truck Stop Classic: 1984 MAN F8 19.321 Unterflur Truck And Kässbohrer Full Trailer – Autobahn Oil Burner

1984 MAN F8 19.321 Unterflur - Kässbohrer trailer - 1

This is exactly how I remember the classic, on-highway big rigs from Germany. One can say the country’s counterpart of the typical US semi-box trailer type. A Mercedes-Benz or MAN 4×2 cabover truck, towing a full trailer with three axles and single wheels, often built by Kässbohrer. Both the truck and the trailer came with a flatbed with dropsides and a tarpaulin cover.

Actually, this ol’ MAN has a tilting flatbed, which was a common set-up in Germany. On top of that -very much figuratively speaking- it’s powered by an underfloor (‘Unterflur’) turbodiesel.

Back in 1971, MAN took over truck and bus manufacturer Büssing. The underfloor truck diesel was a well-known Büssing concept, MAN would use it for many years to come after the takeover. And oh yes, that lion logo on the grille is also a Büssing idea.

1984 MAN F8 19.321 Unterflur - Kässbohrer trailer - 2

From 1967 to 1986, this was the friendly face of heavy MAN cabover trucks and tractors. The tilt cab was a French Saviem design, Renault’s heavy vehicle division of yore. In exchange, Saviem got MAN diesel engines. A mutually beneficial business relationship, as the average truck driver would say.

MAN D2566 Unterflur engine

There it is, hanging on the right side of the chassis, slightly hiding in the dark. An inline-six, MAN D2566 turbodiesel with a displacement of 11,450 cc, and good for 320 DIN-hp.

The truck’s transmission is a synchronized, manual ZF 16-speed with a double-H shifting pattern. Also known as the ZF Ecosplit 16S.

MAN Unterflur cab interior

With an underfloor engine, there’s obviously no doghouse intruding into the cab. And the engine sound is only heard somewhere in the background. From a driver’s standpoint, anyway.

1984 MAN F8 19.321 Unterflur - Kässbohrer trailer - 3

Splendid, the matching Kässbohrer full trailer. In its homeland, the whole combination was rated at a gross weight of 39 tonnes (85,980 lbs). That’s 17 tonnes for the truck and 22 tonnes for the trailer.

Found on YouTube, the very same combination on the move, seven years ago. Slowly, so we can have a really good look at it.

1984 MAN F8 19.321 Unterflur - Kässbohrer trailer - Brummi plate

Ja, genau! The truck driver’s name is Brummi, no idea who the suited guy is, but they seem to get along just fine.