Curbside Classic II: Ford LTD II Sedan – With Optional High Amperage 12V Cabin Power

So what is it with me and Ford LTD II’s? This is the third sedan that I’ve found and posted here; no one else has found another. Which is of course cruelly ironic, given that I have some…ah…issues with it. At a whopping 220″, it’s the longest car ever sold as an “intermediate”, yet its interior space was undoubtedly less than a Fairmont. Its styling can best be described as late-stage Iacoccaitis. Its dynamic qualities are MIA. Its fuel economy was pathetic. It was a sad ending to what started out so trim, fresh and lively in 1962 as the Fairlane. More like the Grosslane.

And they seem to know how I feel about them, which might explain why they’re stalking me. And this one is something out of a bad dream, although I do respect the fact that it’s still providing transport to its owner, and quite likely living accommodations too. Which probably explains the jumper cables running from the battery into the living space. And in a rare moment of circumspection, I didn’t get close enough to see what the other end was connected to. So at least something about this LTD II is left to the imagination.

In my CC of this yellow LTD II S sedan, I titled it “The Longest Mid-Size Car Ever or The Stripper Mark V Sedan”. Well, it’s both, actually. The first is an undisputed fact, and the second is essentially true, as the two share the same chassis and apparently some hard points of their bodies. The LTD II was a bargain, costing a mere 40% of the Mark V. Such is the power of marketing, and opera windows, of course.

That was back in 2018. And then last year (2019), I spotted this fine sedan on the go.

And now it’s this gem. Wow; three LTD II sedans in three years. I’m almost scared to think what’s in store for me in 2021.

This one is sporting a custom paint job.

I was quite intrigued by this power cord running into the cabin.

The reason I didn’t get all the way up to it was because of this pair of crutches on the roof, which suggested that someone was at home.  But from where I was, I couldn’t see anyone, but maybe they were reclined and watching tv or something. Reruns from the late ’70s, most likely.

I have to say that the view of it from this direction is growing on me. I’m utterly sick of the “Ford face”, but the angle of the fender ends and trunk and the rear of the roof give it a certain dignified look. Maybe they should have made a Mark V sedan. They could have called it “Versailles” and gotten a head start on that fine lineage.