Curbside Classics: Time Traveling Back To 2013 – The Sad Demize of a Zephyr Z7

I’ve been shooting CC actively only since 2009, but it’s getting to where my older files are looking like something from a different era. I stumbled into these by accident, shot in the summer of 2013, less than seven years ago.

This also has a poignant story: I caught this Zephyr Z-7 just as it was being unloaded form a flatbed in front of the house where this couple lives. She looks a bit distraught, as if it might have been her fault.

Given the front end damage, that’s almost certain.

Looks a bit nasty. But there’s a nice box Chevy down the street as a potential replacement. And is that another Toyota van in the driveway?

As I’m shooting it, one CC photobombs and a couple more can be seen on the adjacent street.

Another CC photbomb. When’s the last time you saw one of these AWD Voyagers?

 Aw, honey; don’t be so glum; we’ll find you another one….

It seems like his attempt at sympathy didn’t work as well as hoped for. There’s more cars the other direction though…

A slightly worse for wear RS Camaro, a Toyota Van, a Ford Courier, and is that a Beretta/Corsica up there in the next block? All are gone now; the Courier the last, when its owner sold house house a couple of years ago.


PS: I ran these shots in a post before, but rather than re-running that post, I though it might be fun to look at it through the eyes of 2020.