Curbside Compare & Contrast: 1963 62 Series Cadillac 2 Door Coupe

Paul’s excellent writeup of the 1965 Lincoln Continental from earlier today prompted me to post this Series 62 Cadillac 2 Door Coupe as an opportunity to more closely compare and contrast the different styling & design treatments each marque was using at the time.

Cadillac’s glittering excess from only a few years earlier had been greatly toned down by 1963, and as Paul pointed out, the roofline had adopted a more formal, squared-off profile. It almost feels like it belongs on a different car in comparison to the smooth, flowing lines of the car’s flanks, which had themselves been simplified from the previous year.

There remained a good bit of “fussiness” in some details—from this angle, the Cadillac comes across a bit overdone to my eye when compared to the Lincoln.

Where the Continental seemed to exude a sense of solidness and mass, the Cadillac was still holding on to the vestiges of the streamlined/jet age era—almost every line on the car is screaming “motion!” and the tail still mimicked a jet fighter’s exhaust.

As beautiful as the Continental is (in my opinion), the target market for this class of cars resonated better with the Cadillac: compared to the ~31,000 Continentals sold in 1963, over 64,000 Series 62 Cadillacs rolled off dealer lots and over 164,000 units of all Cadillac models were sold in 1963.