The CC Heartland Gathering: Meet-up On May 11 In Iowa City

Iowa City 1964 -Hawkeye-22-res-hall-crowds

This is how I remember Iowa City in 1965 when we moved away (the first time). Has it changed? We’ll soon know, at the CC Heartland Gathering on Saturday, May 11, when we stage a panty raid on Burge Hall (something I missed out on as a dropout, but it’s never too late, right?). We’ll save that for late-night entertainment, but earlier in the day, we have other plans, automotive, social and otherwise.

Iowa City photo 2

We’ll start with a brisk sunrise morning walk around downtown, to do some serious Curbside Classic hunting.

Hamburg Inn#1

Then breakfast at the original Hamburg Inn 1. None of this #2 business for me. Eggs, sausage patties and jet-puffed pancakes; no granola on the menu. But plenty of dishwashing-water coffee.

Iowa City 6  800

I’ve arranged to rent one of the Iowa City Transit fishbowl buses, and I will be driving you all through the residential neighborhoods in search of more CCs. I’m hoping to find that Corvair convertible that I used to see on my walk to school every morning.

Iowa City 001 900

Lunch will be at my favorite childhood restaurant. I’m sure it’s still there. That Rambler is about the only car that made our black Fairlane look good.

Skinny dipping

After lunch, we’ll take the bus out to my favorite quarry in the country for a nice dip. Clothing not optional.

Dahlgard Rambler_1000

Then we’ll scour the dealerships for left-over vintage brochures they might have stashed away in their storerooms.

Iowas Car Museum

Since I don’t want to hog the day’s agenda, Tom Klockau has asked if we couldn’t also stop in at the Iowa Curbside Classic Car Museum, which specializes in historic cars that are still mostly in original condition, including a ’62 Continental convertible. Here’s the link. Now that wasn’t there back then. But it looks pretty good, so we’ll do it. It’s actually in Coralville, which back in the day was a hick backwater.

Marriott IC

And then we’ll socialize, and have some more time to get acquainted, in person instead of electronically. Tom says there’s a Marriott Hotel across the street, where we could party, convenient for those of you incapable of driving afterwards to sleep it off. You think they’d mind if Stephanie and I pitch our tepee in their parking lot?  We’ll have to figure out some of those exact details. It might be helpful to get a rough idea of how many are going to make it.

CC 133 204 800

Now don’t think we’re going to fly out; we’re going to make this into a road trip! I wanted to hitchhike, but Stephanie put the kibosh on that idea. So the only question is what to drive. I understand that Furthur is available for rent, and that is rather appealing. We’d have to start pretty soon, though.

CC 68 005 800

That it might be a bit jarring for some of you Mid-westerners, and I’m going to try hard to be sociable and fit in. So I called Domino’s, got a hold of the kid with the green ’71 Ford Galaxie, and cut a deal (it didn’t take much, oddly). Just need to pick up a large bottle of Dramamine, and we’ll be set to go. I have full faith in Henry Ford II’s engineering excellence, but in case we don’t show up, tell the rescue party to just head west on I-80 and look for the smoke signals. See you there!

(Additional details to be announced when we figure them out, but the museum and meet-up afterwards are pretty much set)