Curbside Congregation: A Bevy of Chevys, and a Jimmy Too – Two 1969 Chevy C10’s and a 1971 GMC 2500

A few days ago, a I asked the question “what are the appropriate names for Automotive groupings”, with the example of a “Maraud” of Mercurys and a “Scoop” of Coupes.  Here I propose a couple of other names.  It seems to me rather obvious that any particular group of Chevrolets should be “A Bevy of Chevys”.  Similarly, it seems almost too-obvious that a group of GMCs should be a “Cricket of Jimmys”.    Here we get a bevy of C-series Chevys sandwiching a similar Jimmy.

The white Jimmy is from 1971, identified because the mirror is NOT glued to the windshield,

and the grille has the black accents.

The tan Chevy parked behind it, and the red Chevy parked a bit in front of them both are both from 1969, identified by the lack of paint accents on the grille inserts.

The GMC interior is pretty spartan.  Definitely an automatic transmission, and it looks like an upgraded steering wheel?

The GMC is a 2500, so a little more heavy-duty than the other pickups in this group.  Wouldn’t you rather have a V-EIGHT?

The GMC has these nifty chrome visors.

The brown Chevy has a more utilitarian and classic interior.  But my, those bucket seats look comfy.  I cannot imagine that was an option, but these don’t look contemporary.

No real identifying marks on the red Chevy, but with the short bed I would imagine it’s a C10.

Not “V-EIGHT”, just an “8”, a trusty Chevy 350, comes standard with the “V”.

Amazingly enough, the tan Chevy even with the long bed is a Custom/10, with the 350.

The white Jimmy has been put to work recently as well.

As has the red Chevy.  That’s a pretty serious bumper there.

The tan Chevy hasn’t had an easy time of it either.

I had to come back later and get a shot of the tailgate of the Jimmy.

It was really hard to get a view of the grille of the tan Chevy.

But I was able to get a close-up of the side badging.  Again, the well-loved Chevy 350.

I went back later and got a good picture of the grille.

Interestingly enough, not a few days later, in our favorite post-apocalyptical supply store, I found, near a certain post-Corona Expeditionary Vehicle, this Chevy C10 of the same vintage.  I talked to the owner and told him about this website.  He said he bought this truck after a newer Silverado disappointed him with a blown transmission, brake work, etc.  He’s never been disappointed with this one.  He’s taken pictures of similar trucks every time he’s seen one, and I talked him into writing an article with all the pictures he’s taken.  Hope he follows through.

The owner of these trucks knows what works, and what works is a second-generation Chevy/GMC C/K-series.  It seems as if it works even better if it’s a trifecta.  What car or truck do you love so much you are tempted to own a fleet of them?

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