Curbside Outtake: 1963 Ford Ranchero With Fresh Air Intake

I ran into this in my neighborhood earlier this year, and forgot to share it sooner. It’s a bit odd, but I suppose fairly mild compared to a few other oddities I’ve found over the years. It’s not so much a hood scoop as an exposed and elevated air cleaner. Makes sure that mill gets plenty of fresh air.

It was across the street from where that white 635i has sat for over a decade now, as well as a slew of vintage Volvos.

Shall we take a closer look?

Even closer? It’s pretty obvious that a small block V8 is being supplied by fresh air from this, and the air filter housing looks quite original too. Just elevated.

Otherwise, it’s just a Ranchero.

From Nevada.

Looking a bit odd. I presume that’s the point.

I passed by this Ranchero some time later on a rainy morning with the dog on our walk, and there was a plastic bucket sitting upside down covering up the scoop. I’m sure I took a picture, but cannot find it now.