Curbside Outtake: 1971-73 BMW 2002 tii – These Happy Golden Years

Introduced in April 1971, the mechanically fuel-injected 130hp BMW 2002 tii quickly became a hot item, and over 22,500 units found happy homes before the August 1973 redesign (known as the Models 71 and 73, respectively). The tii would live on through the 1975 model year with a total production run of about 27,500 units.

One of the distinguishing features between the two models are the taillights, which are round on the earlier cars. The one exception is the Model 73 2002 tii Touring (never sold in the USA – CC here), which retained the round lights.

Paul has already written up a very thorough CC on the BMW 2002, both here as well as at his previous gig. He also did a treatment on the BMW 1800 Neue Klasse here.

I instantly recognized this as a 2002, but never knew about the tii variant until today. What a beautiful (and desirable!) car to see out and about on a beautiful fall day!