Cohort Sighting: BMW 2000-02 Touring – The Hatchback Version (and Cabrio) Never Sold In The US

BMW 2002 touring rq

The BMW 2002 two-door sedan is iconic, but it’s easy to forget that there were other body versions sold in Europe. In addition to the sweet Cabriolet built by Bauer, BMW itself also offered the -02 cars in a Touring version, which differed from the standard sedan in a number of ways beyond just the obvious rear sloping deck and hatch. r0b0tr10t shot and posted one at the Cohort, so let’s take a closer look at what was withheld from Americans, including the Cabriolets.

BMW 02 touring hatc

r0b0tr10t only shot the front and rear, so I’ll augment a bit to get a better look at the Touring, which was built from 1971 through April of 1974. Since only some 30k were sold, that probably explains why production ended sooner than might be expected.


The Touring differed in having a shorter rear end, split rear seats, and also a windshield that sloped back a bit more than the sedan’s. Obviously, it was meant to be a sporty coupe, but without sacrificing headroom and seating space. Perhaps that was also it’s shortcoming; maybe a couple of inches chop on the roof might have made it look a bit more dynamic and more coupe-like.

BMW 2002 touring f

The Touring came in the full range of -02 engines: 1600, 1800, 2000 and 2002 ti. The ’71 and ’72 models did not have the -02 ending to their model designation; that started with 1973. Which makes this 2000 Touring either a ’71 or ’72.

bmw 1600 -cabrio-03

Perhaps the prettiest -02 BMW is the full Cabriolet by Bauer. These are among the most sought after -02s, and command high prices today.

bmw 2002 cabrio bauer 2

Bauer also built their “TC” (Top Cabriolet) version of the -02, but it was really a Targa, with a removable rear window/C pillar, and top section. Perhaps better named the BMW Laundalet? A similar Bauer Targa Cabrio was  carried on into the first generation 3 Series as well. Now all we need to find is a station wagon -02.