Curbside Outtake: 1972 BMW 2002 – A Study in Grüne

Sometimes you’re presented with a scene so sublime that all you can do is simply stop and admire for a moment before going on your way. In a way, BMW’s Neue Klasse was the automotive equivalent of this eye-catching photograph – the cars were so “right” for the moment, they captured everyone’s attention and arguably saved a faltering BMW.

The subject 2002, with its airy greenhouse, dainty wrap-around bumpers, original wheel covers and round taillights, is an excellent example of why. I tagged it as a 1972 model, although it could also be a late 1971, which was the point at which the lower side moldings were fitted. 1973 models got extended bumpers to meet revised US regulations. An excellent composition, all the way around.

Photography by Tyler Stembridge
SW Washington Street
Peoria, Illinois, USA
October, 2016