Curtis Perry Outtake: Air Heads And Muddle Heads


Air cooled motorcycles are going the way of air-cooled cars. Even the latest Triumph retro-twins are now liquid cooled. But these two can share tales of what it’s like to have one’s head(s) be genuinely air cooled. And why did I pick this line of thinking running into this shot by Curtis Perry?

Probably because I’ve pretty much exhausted myself on the subject of Corvairs. It was a major theme here in the early days of CC; in fact it was one our first theme weeks here, back in August of 2011. It was chock-full of great stuff. And it can all be found via our GM Portal or using our Search CC by Google. Or maybe our Chevrolet listing in the Portals needs to be split up into the main car/model groups. It’s becoming a challenge to manage all of our archives and material. In fact, we’re in the middle of a major archive update at this time. It’s quite a job; makes me feel muddle-headed at times. But I’ll let you know when they’re all updated.