Curbside Outtake: 1981 Toyota Corolla – Old School Waldorf School Corolla

Waldorf schools were once very heavily associated with old Volvo station wagons and Corollas. Yes, stereotypes, but I was around one in Eugene enough in the early 90s to say that was a pretty accurate one. So when I found this sitting at the Waldorf School faculty parking lot, it took me right back to that time, when we first arrived in Eugene with three kids and walked up here to this school twice a day with them.

This is doubly poignant, as the original teacher at this school was an old Swiss guy, and he drove a red Corolla just like this one, but a two door sedan. And he drove it for many years to come; he must have had it for several decades. But then that’s not uncommon around these parts, as we saw with this guy who’s still driving his 1980 Corolla that he bought new 41 years ago.

Who knows haw many miles it’s got on it. The seats are splitting, but it’s still soldiering along. And probably will yet for some time to come, if I had to guess.

It’s only got a fairly modest number of bumper stickers.

The red single-stage paint is of course well faded. A good polish job would fix that.

Time to say goodby to the Corolla and memories of Willi Mueller’s red Corolla, which used to sit in the same spot.