Curbside Outtake: 1983 Toyota Celica Coupe (A60/Gen3) – Tail End of the Origami Era

Gen1 and gen2 Celicas have become genuine rarities. And the gen3 is quickly heading that way. And that’s despite being as solid and tough and reliable as a sporty coupe ever was. Their drive trains had been used in a gazillion Toyotas of all kinds, including trucks. They were RWD, with a solid rear axle. Now wonder this one looks still so fresh.

I have no idea what the red tape is for on the headlights. Which of course are hidden, Which flipped back to keep a straight edge, in true 1980’s style. Under its hood beats the immortal 22R 2.4 L four, belting out a mighty 105 hp, thanks to fuel injection.

I’ve grudgingly come to appreciate these, especially in the liftback fastback version, but not nearly to the degree as their predecessor, which was a true stylistic gem, especially so in the coupe version. It’s too blocky, and too formal. And too two-door sedanish.

But it’s certainly a refreshing contrast to most of the cars vehicles on the street these days, although this happens to be next to another semi-vintage car. You’d think I shot this in 1995, not 2020.