Curbside Outtake: 1988 Chevy Sprint – More Of A Long Distance Runner Than A Sprinter

I spotted this at a Park and Ride lot at the Fairgrounds, and it looks very much to be a regular driver. Given it’s an ’88, that makes it the last year for the gen1 Sprint as well as the Chevy bowtie. The Gen2 arrived for 1989, now bearing GEO Metro badging.

The Sprint was Chevy’s first foray into the sub-compact market; or sub-sub-compact, depending what class one put the Chevette into.  Sales started in 1985, but only in the Western US. In addition to the base version with the carburated 993cc triple, there was also the wicked little Turbo Sprint, with 73 hp. Given that it weighed less than 1600 lbs, it was surprisingly brisk. Even the non-turbo version could be flogged happily, with surprising results under the right circumstances.


That is, unless one made the mistake of getting an automatic. Then it was just mostly tedious. No wonder this one has survived this long.

As most folks know, these were surprisingly tough little beasts, willing to take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’.


It looks positively lost in its parking space.