Curbside Outtake: 1993 Olds Cutlass Ciera With Big(ish) Trailer

Here’s another installment of my small(ish) cars with big trailers series. In this case, the car isn’t all that small, and the trailer not all that big. But I’m drawn to documenting each of these combinations, even if they aren’t always the most optimistic of scenarios, as these folks are clearly living in this old trailer.


The VIN on this one says it’s a 1993 and has the 3.3 L V6, so at least it’s not the venerable Iron Duke. Or Tech IV, by that time. Oh wait, by 1993, that was past its era. The standard four appears to have been the 2.2 L Chevy “122” pushrod four, the evolution of the venerable Cavalier’s original engine. It was rated at 110 hp, the same as the Tech IV, but undoubtedly had less torque.

Nice old S-10 Blazer across the street, to add to the vintage atmosphere.

Time to move along. It’s now had its 15 seconds of fame.