Curbside Outtake: 1993 Saturn Wagon – Better Looking Than The Sedan, By Far

I’ve never been a fan of the gen 1 Saturn S Series sedan styling. But I have to say, running into this wagon reminded me that the wagon was quite well executed; much better than the gen2 that started in 1996 and carried that awkward curved sedan rear door line into the wagon. This is clean, and a bit refreshing to see, as low little wagons have become something of a rarity.

I’m a bit less enthusiastic about its front end. But it works well enough, in the context of the times and…GM. That was a look they recycled a few times.


The downward slope of its hood was pretty advanced for the times. Of course this was coming from the makers of the “Dustbuster” minivans. But with those wheels, this has to be the one Saturn I would have been ok with having.

My Saturn GM Deadly Sin/Eulogy has been endlessly taken as a slur on the actual cars themselves. They weren’t exactly great, with the Honda Civic constantly being a moving target that stayed well ahead of the Saturn, most of all in refinement. But they had their positive qualities, most of all the plastic bodies in the Rust Belt.