Curbside Outtake: 1996 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon – The Last Big American RWD Wagon Being Used By A Contractor Instead Of A Pickup Or Van

This is the freshest CC post ever, as I just encountered this scene a block from our house as I was heading home from my morning walk ten minutes ago. At a distance, I didn’t make the connection between the Roadmaster Estate Wagon and the two young guys setting up the ladder. But as I got closer, there was no pickup or van in sight, and I could see that the Roadmaster was full of tools and materials in the back.

Now that’s a refreshing change; the very last big American RWD wagon being used instead of a pickup or van by a contractor.

The owner told me proudly that it’s a 1996, meaning the very last year these were built, before GM decided that its Texas factory would be more profitable building SUVs.

Of course it’s powered by the 260 hp LT 350 V8.

Yes, he’s obviously into it. It’s not just an old beater.

The command center.

Back seat was down and the substantial cargo area is being fully utilized.

I’ve never been a fan of the “whale” sedans, but the wagons are another story. This is a very fitting blow-out of the big American RWD wagon. Big, wide, and handsome, in its own excessive way.

I particularly like the raised glass roof section, as a way to hearken back to the Buick and Olds Sportswagon/Vista Wagons of yore. And to make for a nice transition to the roof rack.

Time to let these guys get to work.

But let’s take it in one more time. The last big American wagon, still hard at work.