Curbside Outtake: 2009 Trifun Three Wheeled Truck – The Middle West Is The Perfect Place To Own One…


…Because all our roads are perfectly straight! (ba-dum!)

I snapped this Trifun three wheeled “truck” last month as it was heading South on a local rural State highway, and apparently moving at a pretty good clip, too. What little information I could find on it says this $11,500 vehicle (including an $1,500 optional 1/4 ton capacity bed) will do up to 70mph (slower in turns, natch).

The web site for Trifun appears to have been taken over by one of those ad aggregators and has no information on it today, so I suspect the Trifun’s run in the US was fairly short-lived. Licensed as a motorcycle, they are powered by a 970cc four-cylinder Wuling-GM engine, hooked up to a five-speed manual transmission. Reviews of the vehicle from its 2009 debit in the US were tentative, and non-media reviews were quite negative, focusing on the very cheap materials and build quality. I presume this example was sold out of John Bearce Suzuki in Washington, IL, as it was listed as the only dealer to offer them between Chicago and St. Louis.