CC Outtake- Jaguar XJ-S, No California Cachet


This Jag XJS paced my Miata on Crest Road the other day, and since the owner was obliging enough to pose, I grabbed a shot with my CC Camera. The car appeared very complete, very rust free, but very much worn out.

This may be a common situation in other parts of the country, but here in California, we expect our Jags to have shiny paint and perfect bright work!


In fact, shiny Jags are so common here, I gathered this shot that same afternoon. A typical shiny, perfect convertible, living the California dream…


Back to our Jag. Sitting at the light on Hawthorne, I captured this image through a dirty windscreen. The “H.E.” badge marks it as an mid-production XJ-S, as the first H.E. models (High Efficiency) came out in 1981.

This XJ-S is not as nice as the XK-E I posted several weeks ago, but I’m sure the driver is having at least as much fun as the Mini driver in front of him.

Hmmm… Mini driver. That means a Mini, Jag, and Miata all occupy the left turn lane, waiting for the green arrow. Welcome to California, the Golden Driving State!