Curbside Outtake: A Diablo SE30 To Get The Morning Espresso In Style

Lamborghini Diablo SE30 in all its glory


In a small shopping center in Atlanta, there is an independent coffee shop. They also sell books and magazines, and the business is good. They’re in a nice neighborhood, and their clients are doing fine, too. That car was parked just in front of the coffee shop.


The usual clients of the coffee shop are more Lexus than Diablo


This is a Lamborghini Diablo, which is a rare sight in itself. But not any Diablo. It’s a Special Edition 30 – built in 1993 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Lamborghini. Only 150 were made, and this one is #77. It was originally sold to a Bruce M Male – who is probably the same Bruce Male who has a crazy collection of Italian cars (you can Google him). It’s the first time I see the name of the first owner of a car displayed proudly on a rear window by the manufacturer. So much for privacy. But you probably have to be an extrovert to buy such a car, so why not.


Vettura #77/150, and the name of the first owner below it.


The SE30 was a sort of Track Edition of the “normal” Diablo – with more carbon fiber, lighter components, no A/C, fixed Plexiglas windows and as a consequence, less weight. There’s a tad more power too – the 5.7L V12 delivers 530HP to the rear wheels.  Just enough power to go and get an espresso in a 15mph limited zone.


I took the picture in 2020. I’m sure the car has a new owner by now.


Only 25 were sold in the US, and a nice one is probably worth $400,000 nowadays.