Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1969 VW 1200 & 1993 VW Golf 1.6 – Two Old VWs

Roshake found these tow vintage VWs snuggling up in Budapest. The Golf may interest you more, but not me, as I have Beetlitis, especially so for the European “Standard” 1200, which was a “stripper” and built for many years with components that had long been dropped from US-bound Beetles. In other words, this was more like a 1961 Beetle, except for the bigger windows: 40 hp (34 net hp or DIN PS) 1200 engine, swing axles, and a very spartan interior.

I have particular memories of a ’69 1200, as that’s what my father rented for several weeks when we were in Austria that summer (it was of course the cheapest car they rented). It took us all up some pretty steep Alpine roads, albeit in leisurely fashion.

Here’s that interior. No gas gauge, even! Just like Prof. Porsche intended. When it starts to sputter, just reach down under the dash and flip the little lever, for an extra 0.6 gallons, enough to hopefully get you to the next gas station.

Basic old-style bumpers, no more trim than necessary. I’ve seen Roshake post quite a number of these now; they’re obviously still popular, and make good basic transportation. You’ll always be able to get parts.

Is that a parking ticket?

Don’t even get me started on old VWs; maybe one of you might want to give the Golf a bit of attention?