Curbside Outtake: AMC Eagle Wagon – In Its Natural Habitat

If the Weather Guessers were correct when I wrote this, the Midwest USA is currently under a “cold snap” and the forecast high temperature for today is -11°F (-24°C). We’ve had blast after blast of snow, and I did a double-take the other day when I looked up at a stop light in town and observed an AMC Eagle in its natural habitat.

I’m at a loss to pin down the model year of the car, beyond it being between 1981 (first year for egg-crate grille) and 1984 (last year for non-bulge hood). 197,449 Eagles would be sold between its 1980 debut and its 1988 extinction after Chrysler’s acquisition of AMC. The Eagle was the proto-crossover SUV, and it was a pleasure to see the car being used as intended.

January, 2019, Peoria, Illinois