Jeep: The Hottest Brand in 2018 (Except for Tesla) – Sales Up 17%

Jeep is seemingly unstoppable. And it’s pulling FCA right along behind it, to ever greater market share, along with Ram, the hottest truck brand (+7.3% in 2018). A total of 973,227 Jeeps were sold in the US in 2018.

Where all all those bloggers and commenters who some years back perpetually said that FCA was going to either die or be cut up and sold off?  Lee Iaccoca saw the value, and bought AMC/Jeep back in 1987 for $1.5 billion. Some said that was way too much for AMC, but Lee knew the kinds of profit margins Jeep generated. As did Sergio Marchionne, when he finagled the auto deal of the century, picking up Chrysler (and Jeep) for essentially nothing.

Can anything stop Jeep from becoming a global powerhouse?

What’s a bit remarkable is that the Wrangler, the true Jeep, was also the best selling one in 2018, with 240,032 sold.

The refreshed Cherokee saw its sales refresh too, with a whopping 41% increase and 239, 437 units sold, just right behind the Wrangler. But the Cherokee apparently stole sales from the Grand Cherokee, which was down 7% for the year, but still sold a very healthy 224,908 units. The little Renagade was also down some too, some 6% for the year, to 97, 062.

But the Compass was the really big winner; it doubled its sales in 2019, to 171,167. I can’t say I’ve ever consciously seen one in Eugene. This is Subaru country.

And the new Gladiator comes on line this year. That should easily propel jeep over the one million mark.