Curbside Outtake- Another Rare Grand Marquis 2 Door!

Back in 2013, Jason Shafer posted an outtake of a maroon 2 door Grand Marquis Box Panther. While vising a friend in the California High Desert, I spotted its twin in Yucca Valley, California.

This image shows the car I found on top, and the car Jason wrote up below it. Despite the fact that over six years have passed since his article posted, my more recent image shows a car with the same color combination but fewer nicks and dents. In Jason’s brief comments, he noted how few 2 door coupes were made in these years, so it’s surprising to find another model identical in appearance.

As you can see, the desert air has treated the body kindly, but I have to believe the owner keeps it in covered parking most of the time, since the paint and vinyl roof show no signs of distress from the unrelenting UV that burns through most paint jobs.

Speaking of desert sunlight, the angle of the sun washed out the passenger side shot, but the black hole created by the missing wheel cover stands out in stark relief. Black wheels may be in style today, but they do no favors here.

The sun also did no favors to my interior shot, but we can clearly see a horn pad on the steering wheel, which narrows the model years down to 1985, ’86 or ’87.

To close, here is a close up shot showing a bit of repetitive parking rash on the driver’s door, and one of the last vent windows mounted on a domestic sedan. Overall, a very clean presentation of a classic Curbside Classic!

Jason’s full post: Almost as Rare as a Spotted Panther

A second maroon box from Garry M: My $(2)400 Winter Beater

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