Curbside Outtakes: Compare and Contrast

Mustang and Prius

Something I always like to see in a CC find is a pair of cars, and given the varied nature of Curbside Classics, more often than not there is quite the contrast from one car to the next!

I can’t quite call a 3rd-gen Prius a CC yet, but it does make a striking pairing to a 1966 Mustang. While the Mustang looks tiny by comparison, the perspective of the photo that distorts the Mustang’s greater length means the difference is somewhat exaggerated. A daily driver and a classic for the weekend?

1972 Holden Premier HQ station wagon

Here are two cars that if not for the 40-year age difference could occupy the same market position. The quad headlights on the Holden station wagon indicate it is a top-trim level Premier, which would have been bought by the same type of buyer who may well now be looking at a BMW X5.

Alfa 156 wagon Subaru Brumby

I suppose a Subaru Brumby (aka Brat) probably can’t help but provide a contrast whatever it is parked next to, but an Alfa Romeo 156 wagon is not very common either.

2CV Brumby

Likewise a Citroen 2CV would be different from any other car it comes across, so another Brumby might be happy to seem normal by comparison.

Alfa 159 wagon Holden

To continue a theme, now we have the successor Alfa 159 wagon paired with a late 1950s Holden (hard to tell whether it is a 1956-58 FE or 1958-60 FC model from this angle and as a base model without any trim!).

Holden ute Citroen DS

Other than coming from the same era, this Holden ute and Citroen DS could hardly be more different!

VW double cab

While on the subject of utes, here is a double-cab VW Transporter ute, with a modern equivalent in front of it (Holden Rodeo or Colorado).

Alfa Spider VW Beetle

I don’t think the Alfa Romeo Spider and 1960s VW Beetle would attract to many cross-shoppers.

VW Camper Daimler 2-1/2L

On the other hand I could see the same person owning this VW Kombi camper and Daimler 2-1/2 litre V8 (not Jaguar Mk2) pairing, as they would complement the other’s abilities.

Renault Fuego BMW7

I suppose a person might own a Renault Fuego and a BMW 7-series, but it doesn’t seem likely?

BMW 530 wagon Ferrari 456

Finally, driving your Ferrari 456 every day would be possible but perhaps not advisable, so could you think of a more fitting companion car than a BMW 530i wagon?