CC Outtake: VW Scirocco Diesel – Yes

CC 246 025 1200

Aha; a gen2 Scirocco…that’s worth stopping our walk for a quick shot, even though I’ve already done a CC on one. As I move in a bit closer, I see a sticker on the fuel filler door…what?

CC 246 027 1200

Sure enough; a DIESEL sticker to make sure no one pumps gas in what would be presumed to be a gasser.

CC 246 028 1200

Needless to say, these Sciroccos did not come with diesels from the factory. But then why not swap one in? easy enough. And that was confirmed by a friend of the owner who cam out and talked to us. She said the owner does lots of engine swaps for others, specializing in swapping in Subaru boxers into Vanagons.

CC 246 033 1200

This is also probably the only Scirocco that’s been re-purposed as a mini-van of sorts. The seats are all gone except for the driver’s and a plywood platform has been put down to make a pretty decent-sized load area. I wouldn’t be surprised if he carries engines back there.

CC 246 029 1200

A cargo-carrying diesel Scirocco; where else but in Eugene?



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