Curbside Outtake: Country Correct Plate BMW Z8

Despite a “scorching September” as described here in Alberta, convertible season is drawing to a close, so it’s high time to feature the rarely seen BMW Z8. Rare as in about 5700 produced between 2000 and 2003, including about 550 of an Alpina Roadster V8 version. About 2300 came to the US, so I’m guessing only 100-150 to Canada. Found this example at a golf course just outside Calgary last summer.

Basic info mostly from Wiki: all aluminum chassis/body, engine S62 4.9L V8 395 hp, same as used in the E39 M5 sedan. Initial no-option price $ 128,000 included a color matched hardtop. These days they change hands between $150 and 250k, as most are well-maintained/low mileage examples. BMW committed to a 50 year (!) spare parts availability.

Unlike all other BMWs, Z8s featured no external model identification other than the roundel. The Z8 appears only inside between the seats, as in following photo from the web. Bottom 3 photos from the web.