Vintage R&T Car Ads From 1967: Sexist, Among Other Things

1967 was a long time ago, and these ads prove that. “Mercury, the Man’s Car”? I always thought the original Cougar was quite appealing to women.

What’s this question got to do with the ad? Seems like a stretch.

But then this Rover ad is even more obscure.

An MGB/GT can save your marriage! Good to know.

How about something a bit more to the point, like the brand new BMW 1600 (1602). It was a steal at that price ($19k adjusted), and the start of BMW’s rapid rise to the top of the premium brand market. There was a young priest at our church in Towson that bought one in early 1967, and I vividly remember him driving a couple of us to a CYO retreat out in the country. He drove like the devil. No wonder he left the priesthood a couple of years later.


Lamborghini has certainly come a long way since this very early ad.


Mercedes’ arrogance was on full display already. Of course there was something to their claim.


This one is a classic.


A very prescient ad.

And of course the inevitable VW ad