Curbside Outtake: “Food Growing Zone” – Only In Eugene

I’ve seen a few of these around my neighborhood and have long meant to share one with you. And so here it is, in case you’re thinking of sitting at this curb with the engine on and polluting this fine little stand of bamboo, grass and weeds.

I don’t have a shot, but there’s also a number of “Don’t Spray Here” signs too, as if anyone was going to come along and spray pesticides randomly, like back in the days when we used to see the trucks driving down the street like with giant DDT sprayers in an attempt to save the Elm trees from Dutch Elm Disease. I remember riding my bike right under one of these in action, and feeling the sticky mist on my arms and face.  That probably explains a few things about me.

Maybe it’s subliminal, but these do rather remind me of the disinfectants being sprayed in the streets in China and some other places. Fun times…